p r i y o m . o r g



Enigma ID G02

Name Swedish Rhapsody
Status Inactive
Voice Female, automated, often mistaken for a child's voice
Emission mode AM
Location Poland
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Known counterpart stations M04

G02 was operated by Polish State Security of the Ministry of Interior (SB). This was the original Swedish Rhapsody, which started in late 1950s and was replaced by G02a around 1988. Swedish Rhapsody is one of the most frequently mentioned examples of a number station in media.


Preamble Message #1 Message #2 Message #3
"Luxembourg Polka" on a music box, a few bars from the beginning 23087 23087
73322 73322
08958 08958
Achtung, 23087 23087, Achtung 61085 61085 09498 09498 ... Ende Achtung, 73322 73322, Achtung 54395 54395 90834 90834 ... Ende Achtung, 08958 08958, Achtung 83667 83667 69741 69741 ... Ende
  Three 5-figure message headers First header Fixed-length message of 100 5-figure paired groups, with an extended pause every five   Second header Fixed-length message of 100 5-figure paired groups, with an extended pause every five   Third header Fixed-length message of 50 5-figure paired groups, with an extended pause every five  
Repeated for 5 minutes Repeated three times

The three messages could have been for up to three different recipients. The headers contain encrypted information about the decryption of the messages. If one of the messages was longer than 100 groups, then it would extend into the other ones.

Contrary to a popular belief, this station never used a child's voice. The mistake comes from the fact that many people have only heard a mistuned recording of the station from The Conet Project. The audio sample featured on this page is correctly tuned. The voice used standard German military radio pronuncations of 2, 5 and 9, being rendered as "zwo", "fünnef" and "neungen", respectively. Two other voices were also noted, one of them being the same G06 and G08.

G02 was noted for its stability, for no mistakes and usage of the same schedule over the years. Once in June 1990, it was noted with an oddity. The first five minutes of each message consisted of groups "46464" and "64646", alternating. "46464646" is a numeric equivalent of the RTTY idler string "RYRYRYRY".

According to a declassified Polish State Security document, the piece of music used for the intro is "Luxembourg Polka" by Emile Reissdorf, the portion of which is used on G02 is identical to "Swedish Rhapsody No. 1" by Hugo Alfvén.

G02 schedule from late 1980s:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun UTC Frequency
            x 08:00 8188 kHz
          x x 10:00 9457 kHz
    x         13:00 11618 kHz
    x         14:00 11618 kHz
            x 14:00 6901 kHz
    x         16:00 5748 kHz
    x         17:00 5748 kHz
    x         18:00 5748 kHz
          x x 19:00 4779 kHz
          x   19:00 5340 kHz
          x   19:00 6507 kHz
          x x 20:00 4779 kHz
          x   20:00 5340 kHz
          x   20:00 6507 kHz
  x x       x 20:00 5748 kHz
          x x 21:00 4779 kHz
          x   21:00 5340 kHz
          x   21:00 6507 kHz
  x           21:00 3850 kHz
  x           22:00 4832 kHz
x   x         22:00 5748 kHz
x   x         22:00 6200 kHz
x   x         23:00 5748 kHz
x   x         23:00 6200 kHz

[Recording courtesy of N&O]

[June 1990 mistake and schedule were derived from Simon Mason's 1991 book Secret Signals]

[Based on declassified documents of the Polish Ministry of Interior, available from Numbers & Oddities #200]

Notes from the Conet Project booklet

G2: 'The Swedish Rhapsody' Repeated tone for ten minutes * I.S. (first few bars of "Swedish Rhapsody" played on a
musical box -R5) 66252 66252 11850 11850 93888 93888 (R x3) ACHTUNG! 66252 66252 ACHTUNG! (100 x 5F pairs)
= 76766 13000 78361 .... (2nd message block follows in same way - always 100 paired groups, after which 3rd msg
block follows, but this time always 50 pairs. Ends: 'ENDE')